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Pool House

Migration Studios' design philosophy incorporates sustainability, cultural responsibility, and functionality. The pool house project is an excellent example of how innovative design solutions can address important social and environmental issues while also creating spaces that are beautiful, functional, and emotionally resonant.

The use of small structures that work cohesively as one is a clever solution that maximizes the functional and aesthetic potential of the space, while also minimizing its impact on the surrounding landscape. This approach is a great way to preserve the unique character of rural towns thin project inhabits.

It's also important to see that the project draws inspiration from Idaho's architectural heritage and incorporates local roof forms and building styles. By doing so, the pool house is able to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape and create a sense of place that is culturally resonant and environmentally responsible.

Overall, the pool house project is a great example of how architecture and design can be used to address important social and environmental issues, while also creating spaces that are beautiful and functional.

Project Credit:
Architect: Migration Studios
Rendering by: Notion Workshop
Architizer A+Awards Finalist - Swimming Pool and collection of small structures working cohesively.
Migration Studios (c) hot tub and pool house interior
(c)NotionWorkshop_MigrationPoolhouse interior
(c)NotionWorkshop_Migration Poolhouse and Basketball Court Structure
(c)NotionWorkshop_MigrationPoolhouse_Sports barn
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