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Creekside Residence

The Creekside Home is a 5,500 square foot residence located in the picturesque mountain community of Ketchum, Idaho. Designed to bring family and friends together, this project features a spacious and welcoming layout that encourages gatherings.

The home's structure employs a combination of steel and reclaimed timber, giving it an industrial modern flair that is both stylish and durable. This design approach is not only visually appealing but also enhances the home's longevity and functionality.

To reduce the home's impact on the surrounding environment, the project includes a 10 kW solar array. This renewable energy source takes advantage of the abundant sunlight in Ketchum and helps to minimize the home's reliance on traditional energy sources.

Overall, the Creekside Home is a well-designed residence that perfectly embodies the beauty and spirit of its mountain community, while also incorporating practical and functional elements to enhance its livability.

Project Credit:
Architect: Migration Studios
Rendering by: Notion Workshop
General Contractor: Bishop Builders
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