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Double R 2.0

The Double R 2.0 renovation is the latest in the progression of Migration Studios projects employing an architect lead design-build project delivery. The renovation embarked on the transformation of an aging farmhouse into a contemporary and energy-efficient home while maintaining its original character. The farmhouse had undergone various remodels over time and had encountered challenges such as the rodent population drawn by the alfalfa growth outside. The impending arrival of a new baby prompted a comprehensive overhaul of the house to better suit the needs of an Architect and his family.
A significant aspect of the renovation was reconfiguring historic circulation patterns, achieved through the addition of a central utility bar. This addition housed several essential programmatic features, including a new laundry room, an inviting entryway, a convenient powder bath, streamlined circulation pathways, and a master bathroom. This reconfiguration facilitated an open living concept, seamlessly connecting the kitchen and living space, fostering interaction and enhanced daylighting.
The exterior design of the renovation was marked by sustainable and practical material choices. Reclaimed douglas fir siding reflected the historical essence while integrating with the farm environment. The garage, clad in repurposed corrugated metal from the roof, protected the structure from irrigation overspray from the adjacent alfalfa field, showcasing thoughtful environmental consideration.
Central to the renovation's ethos was the creation of a family-friendly environment. The oversized kitchen island, a highlight of the design, was a versatile centerpiece. Serving as a dining room table, meal preparation area, and even a ping pong table, it encapsulated the adaptability of spaces to family needs. This innovation, along with other design choices, demonstrated the project's commitment to nurturing family bonds within a modern context.
In essence, the Double R 2.0 renovation project harmoniously blended heritage and modernity. It paid homage to the farmhouse's history while adapting to the evolving requirements of a young family. The result was a renewed farmhouse that resonated with contemporary living, seamlessly embedded within its agricultural surroundings, and designed to be a warm and dynamic home for generations to come.
Project Credit:
Architect: Migration Studios
Photography by: Gabe Border
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