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Verde 2 

Verde 2 Residence is a stunning mountain modern home that spans over 4500 square feet. The project is uniquely shaped, carefully carved to fit the lot, and designed to address various environmental factors such as flooding and wildfires.

The project's exterior design is a harmonious combination of natural and industrial materials, which blends perfectly with the surrounding environment. The Timber Screening, Stone, steel, and glass facade protects the interior from external elements while offering a sense of transparency and connectivity with the outdoors.

Verde 2 Residence is not only an exceptional mountain modern architectural project but also an example of how modern design can incorporate environmental considerations. The project's designers have taken into account the surrounding environment, incorporating various features that enhance the building's resilience to natural disasters. Overall, Verde 2 Residence is a true testament to innovative design and a sustainable future.

Project Credit:
Architect: Migration Studios
Rendering by: Notion Workshop
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