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Verde 2 

Migration Studios' design transforms complexity into beauty. The residence's intricate angles are carved from the site's challenging angles, creating a distinctive visual impact. A blend of timber, stone, and steel materials crafts an elegant exterior that captivates the senses.

A creek meandering through the site becomes a natural focal point, offering breathtaking views from every vantage point. The project's layout ensures a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living, inviting residents to embrace nature's tranquility.

Beyond aesthetics, Verde 2 excels in practicality. Abundant natural daylight floods the interiors, reducing the need for artificial lighting and fostering a healthy living environment. Cleverly incorporating high-end windows and high-efficiency mechanical systems ensures comfort and sustainability.

Verde 2 Residence harmonizes luxury with nature, crafting an unparalleled living experience that respects the environment. As you step into this architectural masterpiece, you embark on a journey where design and nature coalesce—a testament to architectural excellence and sustainable living.

Project Credit:
Architect: Migration Studios
Rendering by: Notion Workshop
General Contractor: Bishop Builders
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